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Collection by the First-ever Indian Classical Musician on NFTs

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Pursuits of Purbayan

It’s the century of darkness. Deep agony and despair have taken over the world; there is disease, hate, betrayal, and pain. Nobody knows where they are heading. Everyone thinks that the world is doomed and will come to an end in no time. Amidst all the cry and the sorrow, one fine day was heard the tunes of a Sitar.

A melody so enchanting and mesmerizing that whoever hears it follows. He is spotted, but nobody knows where he comes from. He is spotted again, but nobody knows who he is. Yet again, and nobody can figure out if he is one or many.

Immerse yourself in Music

We bring to you POP NFTs - Purbayan’s NFT Collection is a golden chance for people to become proud owners of his legacy of fusion music. With 11,100 unique variations, he is ready to take the Digital World by storm as the first Indian Classical Musician on the blockchain.

This will be one -of -a kind opportunity for his fans across the world to own his art pieces and music.

With every token you choose to own, we will fulfill someone’s dream. Harmonize with our symphony and #Be1WithMusic

Here’s why we rock

  • 01

    Big Musical Community

    POP NFT community is the only one in the NFT space celebrating the oneness of diverse musical genres worldwide. Be a part of this revolution of musicians and music lovers and #Be1WithMusic.

  • 02

    Pioneer of Indian Classical on the blockchain

    Purbayan Chatterjee is the first Indian classical musician on NFT. He is known worldwide for mixing Indian classical music with contemporary world genres. Become a part of his vision today.

  • 03

    Rare Collection

    Purbayan’s NFT Collection is rare. This is a golden opportunity for collectors to own different variations of the Ace Sitarists, Sitar Squad, Audio NFTs and Lootboxes.

  • 04

    Community Donation

    We believe in giving back to the community, so with every token you choose to own, we will donate a percentage of the proceeds to NGOs and non-profit organisations

Cuddles Foundation X POP NFT

  • Feeding Hope

    To give back to our society and community, we collaborated with a Non-Profit Organisation, 'Cuddles Foundation'. Cuddles is dedicated to providing nutrition and health care to children with Cancer and we are here to help them achieve their mission of spreading smiles and saving lives.

    So, every NFT we mint is a musical wave of change. Likewise, every NFT you own is contributing to a noble cause.

    Feeding Hope Now

Our Latest Drops

POP's Roadmap

  • Aug 09, 2022

    Take a peek into #POP

    Buy our Premium 36 Ace sitarists now. Be the first of the lot to join our discord. The most active members will get whitelisted for all our future drops. They are rare, jazzy and super funky

    Click Here

  • Aug 31, 2022

    Explore #POP Audios

    Grab something melodious as we launch exclusive audio NFTs by #POP. POP’s collection of 14 exclusive audio NFTs consists of some of his greatest works of all time. They are classic, timeless and evergreen.

  • Sep 10, 2022

    Welcome the Sitar Squad

    Become holders of an exclusive collection of 10,020 POP NFTs. With exciting visual traits, clothing , headgear and unique accessories, be a part of the Maestro’s legacy.

  • Sep 15, 2022

    Musical Loot

    Time to rob something musical with our exciting Lootbox. Get a chance to win an NFT from our exciting collections at discounted prices. Every loot has something worth it.

  • TBD

    Mini Game Launch For Community & Real World Concerts

    Free access to gamification through a mobile application and tickets to exciting musical concerts in the real world.

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Where can I buy a POP NFT?

You can purchase a POP NFT from the Opensea.

What is the POP LootBox?

The POP LootBox is a chance for you to get your hands on POP NFTs from random collections at a discounted price.

What is the difference between the Ace Sitarists and Sitar Squad?

The Sitar Squad is a collection of 10,020 NFTs while the Ace Sitarists is a unique collection of 36 NFTs all living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Ace Sitarists are spotted with an electric See-tar at prime locations while the Sitar Squad holds the traditional Indian Sitar with funky traits.

What songs are available as Audio NFTS?

A collection of 14 of the Purbayan’s most celebrated works have been curated into special Audio NFTs. Each of these is from the Maestro’s original collection.

Can I resell my NFT??

Yes, once the original listing is sold out, you can resell your NFT on platforms such as Opensea.

How can I join the community?

We have a very active community and we welcome new members with drum rolls! Join the sitar squad using our Social Channels & Discord.

What are your future plans?

We are currently working on and planning future roadmap targets which you can view above.

Meet the Maestros

Music is our instrument. The idea was born as a result of our mutual love for music and art. The POP team is here to make some noise.

  • Sadhvi Mehra

    Boss of all things

  • Madhulika Joshi

    Marketing Guru

  • Shubhajit Kundu

    Florida Man

  • Vishal Singh

    Digital Overlord

  • Shivani Mehra

    Our Music-ally

  • Vanshika Kumar

    Smart Cookie

  • Rohit Sharma

    Chief Cheerleader